About me...

ASHI Certified since September 1999. Have performed a average of 300 inspections per year since becoming certified. Have been in most all type of construction most of my life, it helped pay my way through college Central Missouri State University. I keep up with my continuing education credit each and every year.

Dedicated To You

Sean Todd
Company owner

In the last twenty years I have worked with other inspection companys and competitors in this business market. In doing so, I have learned a lot about how my clients should be treated. You are more than just another client for today, just another number in the books, and just another stop in our busy lives. We see you differently, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible inspection experience and treat you as the client for today, tomorrow, and for life. We will meet you on-site on the date and time scheduled. We will be strangers when we meet. But, we hope we are friends by the time we finish the inspection process that day. We recommend that our clients are at the inspection to learn as much as possible from the inspectors about the purchase they are about to make.

The most common question we are asked is "Why have a home inspection? Specially if it is new?" The easiest way to explain the answer is: Have you ever purchased a new or used car or truck? YES.. Think about that process for a moment, now that is small purchase in your life. What do you do before you make that decision? You test drive the car or truck to make sure it starts, drives down road, it stops, the windows and doors operate, heating and cooling system operates, the safety equipment operates. So, if you are going to test drive and do all that for a small purchase, why wouldn't you have the largest purchase of your life and your family's life test driven too?? I hope that helps explain why.

All the contractors used by Todds Inspections are in the top of their fields, certified in those fields, and are recommended by the local agents.

How we work

We find any issues or potential problems with the property you are looking to purchase . They vary from the major (Foundation, HVAC, Roof problems & more) to the minor ones (Leaks, Broken outlets, Missing smoke detectors & more) and everything in between. Our experts will detail all the issues in a reader-friendly report, emailed to you within 24 hours (most times the same day) so that you can easily evaluate your further purchase.

Our Inspections

Listing Inspections

Many homeowners don't know there is something wrong with their home and fail to disclose the deficient conditions. We can help you with a listing inspection.

Buyer's Inspections

Our Comprehensive Home Inspections for Buyers include detailed examination of all major areas and systems of your prospective purchase.

Investor's Inspections

As an investor you have special needs when it comes to an inspection. We provide additional details regarding our inspection findings, recommendations and cost...